Butterflies from Around the World – The Bunzo Kamei Collection

The room exhibits 14,000 butterfly specimens that Bunzo Kamei, the founder/head of the foundation, collected over more than 60 years since he was a junior high school student.

He collected butterflies from all over the world, including Asia, Europe, North/South America, and Africa. There are specimens of Golden Kaiser-i-Hind and Ornithoptera allotei as well as the world’s largest butterfly, Queen Alexandra's birdwing. The collection includes rare butterflies seldom found outside the museum, as well as hermaphrodite butterflies.

Other collections also include about 1,300 beetle specimens, including the Hercules Beetle, and “Uchu-Sanka,” a work that uses countless butterfly wings from over 100 spieces to express the universe.

There is also an area where you can observe the wing scales of six types of butterflies using a microscope.

Floor Map

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